Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cardiac News

Well today began interestingly enough. I started not feeling well yesterday afternoon. I had body and muscle aches and began to worry that I might be getting sick..I immediately began crying at the thought of being banned from seeing Harrison. After getting home, I took my temperature and was running a low grade fever. My stomach turned at the thought. Being only a week out from delivery I called the 24 line of my dr. They were concerned due to the list of symptoms I was having and I was instructed to call back if my temp went above 100. I was at 99.6. I was also scheduled for an appt at 9am today. The whole way over I felt awful. I was checking my temp and it was all over the place but I even got a reading of 100.8 and of course I cried just knowing they were going to tell me I couldn't go see Harrison. When I arrive, the sign on the door instructs me that I have to knock on the back door since I have a fever and aches. So the nurse makes me wait out in the hall at the elevators and then returns and makes me wear a mask through the office. Even when she put me in the room, she told me I had to keep it on..Dr came in and told me I didn't have to wear it that my temp was only 99..YAY! She checks out several areas of concern and pretty much diagnoses me with.."You have a lot going on, your body is trying to heal from delivery, and your body is worn out." I get a couple of prescriptions and was sent on my merry way..I was so happy that I could go and see my baby I just cried. Thank you God!

Today was the day of the repeat echo cardiogram to see if his PDA closed with the second round of meds..He was also scheduled for a CT scan of the heart.

Well..the echo revealed that the PDA is a little smaller but not closed. So this changes the course of plans.

CT scan was done and the cardiologist said they will meet in the morning to discuss the results and look at Harrison's case. We should have a better idea of when and where the heart surgery will take place. Based on the collection of information I have heard, I am assuming it will sooner rather than later due to the open PDA.

Otherwise, Harrison looks good..he has lost a good bit of weight due to not being fed other than through an IV. He was born at 7lbs 6oz but weighed 6lbs 12 oz yesterday. After stopping the diuretic, he weighed 6lbs 15oz today.

Please continue praying for my little man..Pray that God will give the doctor's wisdom in how to best care for Harrison's heart defect.


  1. Lisa,
    Anne told us about your blog in Sunday school today.I have been praying for Harrison and your family daily. It is great that you are able to write about Harrison and give updates on his progress. I can't imagine the roller coaster ride you have been on!! I started at the beginning and read everything after lunch today. I just sat and cried through all of it. I am amazed at the strength that you display and all God is doing for Harrison. What a great witness you are to God's goodness. I will continue to pray that he gives you strength and for all the prayer requests for Harrison. I love the pictures. He is a beautiful baby. If you need anything please call. I know the girls would love to play with Emily one day. Let me know if she would like to come over. Love ya
    Susan Mesimer

  2. Thank you Susan! Everyday is a blessing from God.

  3. Lisa,
    You are all in our prayers. We have seen your mom and Jimmy several times and they have filled us in. It was good to hear about this blog and your so good with details. Harrison is a beautiful boy. We pray God will keep you strong and filled with peace that only he can give.
    love ya, marcia