Monday, December 14, 2009

Harrison's 1 Week Birthday!

Well today Harrison celebrated his 1 Week Birthday! As his gift..he was able to wear clothes for the 1st time...YAY! He looked as precious as ever..even though the 0-3 month clothes swallowed up his little 6lb body. (He has lost weight the past couple of days)

The past few days have revealed many test results which have left me in awe of the power of God. When I was pregnant, I truly felt that God's plan for Harrison would not be revealed until he was born. I had a strong feeling that when Harrison was born that he would reveal to the world the true powers and greatness of our God. And that is understatement for what has occurred that past couple of days.

Eyes- The opthomologist came and examined his eyes and said that all the major structures (including the pupil which is where the supposed coloboma might be) looked normal and in tact..No colobomas to the structures of the eye that might cause vision problems. HALLELUJAH! She will return on Sunday to examine his eyes undialated to make sure there is no coloboma of the iris..She suspects she will find nothing..Please pray..

Heart- The follow up echo to check to see if the PDA has closed revealed it was smaller but still not closed. Cardiologists agreed to do another round of the drug to close it and a follow up echo will be done on Wednesday. The cardiologist says that in term babies that if is hasn't closed up it usually doesn't but they are trying anyways..The neonatologist says that often times the 2nd dose does close the PDA..Conflicting views..but I believe God has the answers not man. :)

Tethered Cord- The head neurosurgeon came to evaluate Harrison and said his movement looked great and there was not great concern at the time. He wants to do a follow up at a later date (probably a MRI) but did not even list a date for that to be done..Praise God for my baby's great movement that is strengthened by the ONE above.

Bladder- Harrison was showing signs of producing more urine on his own and he had very little residual when being cathed. The drs ordered that his cathing be reduced and that the urologist be contacted to see if the cathing should be continued. Urologist ordered that all cathing be stopped due to the great urine output..Thank you Lord for my little man being able to do this on his own.

Cranial Ultrasound- Revealed normal further testing required of his head and brain at this time.. I thank God for such great news.

overall stats- Harrison has been losing weight mostly because he is allowed nothing by mouth since birth. He is fed intravenously and it is monitored closely. He is also on a diuretic to keep fluids out of his lungs. His heart rate and oxygen levels have been good and his respirations vary, but they are expected to due to the heart defect.

The only test at this time that is pending is the CT scan of the should take place some time this week. Once this and the follow up echo have been completed we should have a better picture of where we are headed with this surgery.

Please pray that God will continue to provide Harrison with strength as we prepare for this next step..Also pray that God will be with his doctors as they continue to monitor him..and of course pray for our family as the holidays approach..It is difficult to have a baby in the hospital and another at home..We are often torn..but I also remind myself how blessed I am to have my daughter in my life and I try to cherish each moment.

Praise God for such wonderful news we have received and for the family and friends who have been so generous and kind. Praise God for my mom who has sat with me at Harrison's bedside as all of this flood of information is revealed and for caring for me and my family daily. And of course Praise God for such a beautiful little miracle who is already serving as witness to his great powers..I am humbled..


  1. We're all praying! I know you're time is limited, but thanks for taking the time to share your journey with us. God is so good and I pray He helps you feel His presence more profoundly than ever - your testimony to His goodness is very powerful. Please know that you all are so loved! ~Debbie Harper

  2. Awesome!!!! I don't know a lot about the whole heart issue as related to Harrison's condition, but my ds (who is 7-almost 8-now) had a hole in his heart (detected by a murmur) and at about 9 mos we had a pedi appt with a cardiologist follow up about a week later. During that week (with much prayer) the murmur/hole DISAPPEARED!!!!

    He was a term baby with no other issues. I don't know if that helps at all, but I hope so!

  3. He's just so freaking cute! I put this picture as my computer background.