Saturday, January 16, 2010

Week 5 Update

This week began with Harrison's KASAI surgery. In this procedure, the surgeon attempts to create a way for bile to flow by taking a piece of intestine and connecting it to the liver where there are hopefully microscopic internal ducts that will secrete bile.

Harrison's surgery began around 8am Monday. The surgeon had told me they would give hourly updates but they would be very vague. He said if anything was to go differently from what was discussed that he would personally come out and talk. The procedure could take anywhere from 4-6 hours. Well at about 10:50 the surgeon came out. My stomach dropped because it was so early. He then said he was done..Whew! then he sat down to explain that the surgery itself went well and that they were able to do what they needed to do, but he also would have liked to have seen more 100 micron ducts (this is the size needed to create good bile flow.)So now it would be up to lab results and Harrison's stool color for the next 3 months to determine how well and if surgery was successful. In some ways this is a good thing to know I can look at his stool color and know what color it should change to, but in some ways it is bad because it can easily become an obsessive assessment tool. One that could drain the joy out of today if I am not seeing what I think I should see.
When we went back up to see Harrison the nursery was closed. The nurse said two different things were going on and she couldn't tell us when it would reopen. I could tell that there were lots of nurses, doctors, hurrying in and out of the nursery. When the nursery finally reopened, there was a white rose on the nursery door indicating a baby has passed away. I later learned that this was Harrison's old neighbor who had passed. My heart was saddened for this family but it also reminded me of the reality of the babies in these nurseries. Every day that they/we are here is a miracle and blessing from God and it should not be taken for granted. When we finally got to see him he was doing really well and looked really good. I stayed over night with my partner in crime (my mom :))to be close in case things took a turn. The following morning we went to visit and he was still doing well, but they were keeping him heavily sedated to keep him from moving. They encouraged us to not talk or touch him so that he would not startle or move. His incision was only be held closed by steri strips instead of stitches. This was because when they went in they found what they thought was a pocket of pus that could be possibly and infection and so they sent it to the lab for a culture and closed the area with steri strips so they easily open it back up if it became abscessed. Of course this wasn't what I wanted to hear, the possibility of another infection. Harrison continued to do well throughout the day.
The following day, Wednesday, I returned to find that Harrison was struggling a bit with the respirator and they had to turn it back up..He was more swollen than the day before and that the culture had grown something and it was now being sent to determine what type. I was disheartened to say the least. Throughout the day Harrison remained fairly stable. The surgeon came in an looked at his wound and said that everything looked good but that he didn't want his feeding for several more days. He also looked at his stool and said he thought he saw bile but would have to wait and see. Then he said that his bilirubin and liver enzymes were down from his pre surgery labs but he also didn't want to "call it spring based on one warm day." So really only time would tell.
On Thursday, Harrison was even more swollen than the day before. He had gained almost 14oz of fluid. His head had a pocket of fluid at the back and his eyes were almost swollen shut. They were using diuretics to help flush the fluid but it would take a while. Even though he was swollen, he was doing well otherwise. They even mentioned feeding him that afternoon, but I told them the surgeon said no. They called the surgeon to find out I was right..Ugh! Again another lack of communication. Come to find out, the surgeon never wrote this in his post operative notes. Thank God I was there to catch this.
On Friday, I came in to find Harrison looking completely different. He was barely swollen and they were actually getting ready to take him off the ventilator. They were weaning him off his pain meds and he was awake and alert. They removed the ventilator and he did really well. He was looking around and staring at his mirror in his bed (one of his toys he has :)) It really was amazing to see the difference today from yesterday. I also read him a book about going to the doctor that Emily gave him. He liked it. He now was producing more stool, and again I found myself obsessing over the color. I am trying to force myself not to do this, but it is really hard. It is in God's control and not mine so I try to remind myself of this.
So overall, the week is good. The infection at the incision site was found to be the same infection that made him septic, ecoli. So he was already being treated for it. They will watch it for the next 7-10 days. But it was really nice to be able to touch him, kiss his head and face, and talk to him.

Please pray that Harrison's lab results will continue to reveal the KASAI is working. Pray for his continued recovery from the surgery and that we will be able to bring him home soon.

Praise for a good recovery and that there are some signs that this surgery may be working.

Thank you again to everyone who has provided meals, called to say they were praying for us, watched Emily, and were there in any way to show support and love. We really appreciate it and it has been wonderful.


  1. I love the new photos! He's a beautiful baby and the photos of him with his grandmother brought tears to my eyes! Lisa, I'm praying God will bring Harrison through all of this and he will be a living testimony of God's love. Thank you for sharing him with us!

    Love you,

  2. I am glad to hear that he is doing a lil better this week!! :) I am continuing to pray for harrison and the family!! i truely believe that God will get harrison through this and you will soon be able to bring him home!! i love yall so much!!! and again we are here if you need anything, even if its just to talk or vent. we are here!! we all love you TONS!!!

    Love always,


  4. Lisa, praise the Father. He Is the healer, our all in all.Faith, little as a mustard seed is mighty.Jamie,Lisa,Emily By faith at First Free Will Church we have Prayed for you all,a groop of fifteen prayer partners Sunday held one anothers hands praying Lord, give them strength,asking God to hold Harrison in his arms. Pastor Gibbs said that God loves children more than any one else.They are precious in his eyes. I go up and down the Sunday rooms asking Please pray for Harrison.In my Sunday class one of our ladies said oh! my friend sent me a email and ask her to pray. She saw Harrison.Prayers ,I ask other Pastors that I see pray. God is good!I havent ceased.I love you all.We pray real loud,out loud,extremly personal.Iasiah41:15-16 I will beat down the mountians,and blow thw dust away. He Is the LORD and knows our needs.We will continue to pray,real loud,and outloud.Wait upon the Lord.I will hear them says the Lord.Praise to GOD the lover of my soul. O praise him !!!...Beverly