Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 7 Update

So week 7 has come to an end and I can say that is overall has been a good week. There have been some hurdles but overall we have made major steps. First, I finally was able to tag down the GI doctor to ask about levels. Of course they will not say the KASAI has failed even though his levels went up the past 2 weeks because he was receiving IV feeds that affect his liver as well as he was still healing. They said he would need to be on full feeds for a while to really get a good look at what his liver is doing. So here are the latest updates

Liver- Liver panels will not be ran until Monday so I dont know what they are yet. Please pray that they will have come down. His stools still show acholic color (pale) but hopefully we will see a turn around on this too.

Heart- Cardiology says his heart is still doing good and there are no changes at this point.

Feeding-Harrison's reflux really reared its head this week. After I inquired about something they kept saying Harrison had done surgically that wouldn't allow him to reflux, they realized they made a mistake and Harrison actually never had this procedure done and that is why he was able to reflux. So meds were started to help relieve the acid from the reflux. The first didn't do much, but the second med seems to help much better. Also my breast milk finally came to an end which meant he had to go to formula. Well the formula GI doctors recommended made him vomit everytime so they switched formula to a hypoallergenic kind and so far his reflux and vomiting seem to have disappeared (makes me wonder if he was allergic to something I was eating)He was able to come off of all IV feeds and they removed his IV line that he has had since being born. Tomorrow he will be at his full feeding level.

Breathing- Harrison is down to 1 liter on his oxygen and he may be able to come off of it all together.

So with all of this being said, Harrison has made great progress. He is gaining weight, acting better every day and they have even mentioned moving him to progressive care which is the step down unit before going home.

Prayer- Pray that Harrison will continue to make progress. Pray especially for the function of his liver. Having his native liver is the best possible scenario at this point. Pray for his development that he will continue to get stronger and not have to rely so much on tube feedings.

Praise- For a good week overall and that he is making progress to being able to come home.

Special Prayer Request- Pray for Emily as we have her thyroid investigated further. Her thyroid levels came back as normal, but we will be going to an endocrinologist to have it looked into. Please pray for the doctor's wisdom in treating her.

Thank you to everyone again for your love and support. Those of you who help prepare meals are angels and you even delivered admist the winter wonderland. It has been wonderful. Thank you to everyone who sends comments, emails, cards, etc that are so loving and supportive and most of all thank you for all of your prayers. You all have been a blessing to our family.


  1. Lisa,
    We praise God with you for the progress Harrison is making. Will continue to pray for Harrison, and also for Emily that everything will be good. To God Be the Glory, Great Things He has done...
    With Love in Christ,
    Jonan Bynum

  2. I am SOO excited that he is getting better!!! I pray that he continues to get better and improve & I thank God that he is progressing and you and jamie and harrison, and emily are still in my thoughts & prayers!! <3 and i will def keep emily in my prayers that her results and everything come back well!!

    Love yall TONS!!+

  3. I'll pray for you all. Keep posting .