Wednesday, November 11, 2009

35 Week Dr Appts

Well, today was supposed to be a day off from school, but instead, it was filled with appts. I had a hair appt @ 9am and that lasted until 12..met Jamie to eat lunch and then my 1st dr appt was with the diabetes center @ 2pm. My fasting numbers have been running high, but we think it is because I don't check them as soon as I wake up. So I guess the next week will be a test..I love going to these appts because they tell me that having ice cream as my bed time snack is good for me to have. It is the best thing to hear. I finished up here at 2:40 and my next appt was @ 2:45 with the High Risk Women's Institute for an ultrasound/growth scan. This place is literally in the same office as my diabetic center but the funny thing is I have to go back to the same front desk people and sign in AGAIN and sign the exact same payment agreement that I signed when I came for the diabetic appt. But I love going here b/c the staff and doctors are just wonderful! They know you by name, they take care of everything for you and are just genuinely caring people.
So we went in for the ultrasound and the tech begins her measurements. Junior(nickname for the baby) has definitely grown in the past 3 weeks and he now weighs an estimated 6lbs. His head measures at 37 wks(quite a noggin)but his femur bones only measure 32 weeks..That is 5 weeks behind, but they have grown since the last time. Of course I really want to see his little legs grow and catch up, but the Dr. reminded me that as he gets bigger the measurements become less accurate. I also had them look for some of the anomalies that are associated with Cat Eye Syndrome like kidneys, ears, stomach and bowels, and anal atresia. Now most of these anomalies cannot be detected by ultrasound, but sometimes they can see problems. As always, we tried to get good 3d pics of his face, but he either turns at an odd angle or puts his hands in front of his face. But the dr said he has 2 kidneys, stomach appears normal, and she tried to see abnormalites like anal atresia, but that is rarely seen but she said she didn't see anything abnormal. He did like showing his feet and precious! The dr was also able to get a picture of one far as to its location, that couldn't be determined because he wouldn't keep his head turned right. The other side of his head is lodged against my pelvis so we couldn't see an ear on that side. His heartrate runs a little on the low side (114) but it usually picks back up to 125. Overall, things look good and another appt was scheduled for Dec 9th although the dr says she doesn't expect to see me because I will have him by then. YIKES! The Genetic Counselor also came in and gave me a copy of the genetics lab report and I read and we discussed all the genetic lingo. Not only does his fragment chromosome have a piece of Chromosome 22 which causes Cat Eye Syndrome, but it also has a piece of Chromosome 7 which they have no literature to tell them what it might cause. So I leave this appt @ 4:00 and off I head to the 4th floor for my OBGYN appt @4:15.
At this appt I learned that the plan is to induce at 39wks but a more specific date will be determined as they get closer. I was told that if my cervix is favorable, I might possibly be induced as early as 38 wks. YIKES! I asked him if the heartrate being low made me more at risk for a c-section and he said that is a baby boy for ya. He said he was not concerned at all about his heart rate. That made me feel much better. He then said I will start coming weekly now and that they will check my cervix next week..UGH! So overall, everything good here too. Now it is back to school to try and finalize everything..UGH! **GROAN** **SIGH** Stay Tuned..more updates to come and Keep Praying for this little guy b/c it isn't long before he makes his grand entrance. :)

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