Wednesday, November 18, 2009

36 Week Appointment

Well, today I went for my 36 week appointment. Blood Pressure was great (114/68), no weight gain since last week, iron levels good, and no protein, sugar, or bacteria found in urine. Today they checked me for Group B strep and checked for dialation and effacement to see if I am showing signs of a favorable 38 week induction. But my little guy likes hanging out. I am barely a fingertip dialated and no thinning of the cervix yet. So 39 weeks is looking like the more favorable option. Please continue to keep my little man in your prayers as he continues to grow. I am getting more and more anxious for his arrival.


  1. I used to be on tww but just lurk occasionally now-due in December though. I just wondered if there is a reason for a 38 week induction. If so, why can they not do cervidil? I had that with my first 2 and it went smoothly. I know everyone is different...with my 3rd I just went straight for pitocin. Hang in there. You have a real testimony and I'm loving how you are praising God through all of this!!!

  2. Hey..thanks for following my journey. I have gestational diabetes and from what I know, the induction was considered at 38 or 39 weeks if the cervix was favorable. I had 9lb baby last pregnancy and I did NOT have gestational diabetes so I think that is why 38 weeks was considered. I think the induction will only be considered if all areas are showing favorability or baby is showing signs of being large. I go again on Wed so we shall see. It is in God's hands so I am not worried.

  3. Lisa, Thinking of you so much and praying for a safe induction, whenever that is!!